Video: The Flickering Flame – Life and Legacy of Chief Turkey Tayac

[55 minute documentary from Seneca Media, 1999] The story of the man who led the Piscataway Indian Nation and their revitalization in the 20th century. The Piscataway are the traditional people of what is now called Washington DC. From Turkey Tayac’s childhood and service in WWI to his work as an herbalist and traditionalist who embraced the advent of the American Indian Movement, to his last days and the campaign to have him buried in a national park that was once the ancient Piscataway village and burial site Moyaone, his fascinating life is shared in memories of friends and family. With gratitude to the Tayac family, Gabrielle, Sebi, Jansikwe, June, Chief Billy, Mark and the whole Piscataway people.

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