Check out Rock, Paper, Scissors: Tools and Thinking from Christian Anarchists

Rock! Paper! Scissors! is a tri-annual, topic-focused, web-publication exploring the intersections of anarchist politics and Christian faith. Through following the way of Jesus in the shadow of empire, we seek to undermine systems of oppression and creatively explore possibilities for liberation from an anarchist or radical christian perspective.

Says Nekeisha Alayna Alexis: “After a simple creative process that involved suggesting all the ideas we could think of (Soapbox Sermons? Rad Rag? The UnBeliever?), Jesus Radicals co-organizers settled on Rock! Paper! Scissors! as the title of our new web journal. How the name of a decision-making hand game has become the heading for this project needs some explanation. What does this win-or-lose act of play have to do with a toolbox for anarchist + Christian thought? What does it say about our plans to shift from our current, past-its-prime blog format to a periodic collection of ideas, focused on particular topics and brought together by various editors?”

Their first issue, curated by Jesus Radicals organizer and Iconocast host Joanna Shenk, is titled The Movement Makes Us Human  (order Joanna’s awesome book, by the same name, of interviews with Movement elder Vincent Harding).  A call for content for this first issue is being developed and will be posted soon. If you think that you may be suited to curate and edit a future issue of Rock! Paper! Scissors!, please send your pitch for topics to

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