Second Tuesday in Advent

Magdalene Lament by Jan Richardson
Magdalene Lament by Jan Richardson

Artist and pastor Jan Richardson has a blog called The Advent Door that’s packed full of wonderful stuff. Take a peek at what can happen when the artist encounters the scripture without benefit of overly-proscriptive legalisms. Richardson also works a small press, Wanton Gospeller Press, where she designs and hand-binds books. Her caravansarai in the virtual desert is a welcome one.

Here’s an excerpt from Richardson:

Hearing what others notice in my artwork has provided a good reminder of what a multivalent and revelatory process art is. As an artist, I live with an awareness that each image I create reveals something about who I am, including some things that I may not necessarily intend for my work to reveal. The ways that I see, the experiences and stories that I carry, my skills as well as my shortcomings, my creative vision as well as my blind spots: all these aspects and more enter into the artistic process, entwining themselves with my work and giving form to it. I’ve found that it’s best not to fixate too much on what might become revealed in the process, otherwise I would never be able to send any of my work into the world.


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