“I’m With Them” by Rose Marie Berger and JP Keenan

A Riff on Martin Neimoller and Matthew 25
For the morning after Donald J. Trump was elected president of the United States of America

First they came for the Muslims and Jews …
and I said “I’m with them,” even though I wasn’t a Muslim or a Jew.
Then they came for the immigrants …
and I said “I’m with them,” even though I wasn’t an immigrant.
They came for the Black Lives Matter activists and the LGBTQ folks …
and even though I was white and straight, I said “I’m with them.”
When they came for the hungry and for those who hunger for change and hunger for righteousness,
I said “I’m with them.”
I’m with the thirsty and the thirsty earth gasping for rain.
I’m with the stranger, the refugee, all those who scale walls for freedom.
I’m with the naked, those stripped of human dignity,
those without decent work, without the cloth of human compassion.
I’m with the sick, the disabled, the addicted, and all those
dependent on the kindness of strangers.
I’m with the prisoners, the journalists, the detained,
the deported, and the deplorables.
When they came for those, I said, “I’m with them.”
I AM with them. I’m with us.

—Words by Rose Marie Berger (written on the feast day of the Holy Martyrs Onesiphorus and Porphyrius, 284 AD); video by JP Keenan

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