Nonviolence and Eucharist

Cardinal Turkson and Archbishop Paride (right) celebrate Eucharist.
Cardinal Turkson and Archbishop Paride (right) celebrate Eucharist.

“The nonviolent way of Jesus is the only way that I know, the only example that I can find, that has enough depth and complexity to deal with our reality… The Eucharist is the only place in my culture where there’s even a hint of this other way. It’s not on TV, it’s not in politics, it’s not in the newspapers, it’s not on my city streets. The only place where I find any kind of imagination about nonviolence and peace is within my ritual of going to Mass.”–Rose Marie Berger

This is part of a statement I made at the Catholic conference on Nonviolence and Just Peace held in Rome in April. I’m grateful to Pat Gaffney and Pax Christi/UK for saving it, since it was from an extemporaneous speech for which I have no notes.

Read more about the gathering on “Nonviolence and Just Peace: Contributing to the Catholic Understanding of and Commitment to Nonviolence” in the Pax Christi/UK August 2016 publication.

You can endorse and spread The Appeal to the Catholic Church to Re-commit to the Centrality of Gospel Nonviolence (the culminating statement of the Rome conference).

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