Ched Myers: Europe’s Church Without Borders

catsOur God Is Undocumented, a book of “applied Christian ethics” by theologian-activist Ched Myers and Presbyterian pastor and immigrant advocate Matthew Colwell, is now out in Swedish! Below is an excerpt from the new introduction that addresses the upheaval in Europe with mass migrations and how the church can model a response:

“The work of wrestling with “the prospects and problems of becoming a church without borders” in northern Europe is already well underway. I encourage Scandinavian Christians not to see immigrant rights solely as the responsibility of their governments. While advocating for just public policies is important work for our churches, ultimately we must determine how we shall embody the biblical imperatives of hospitality and solidarity with the immigrant poor regardless of what the State decides. And let us never forget that our privileged nations are deeply complicit in the global forces of conflict, inequality and oppression that displace vulnerable people from their beloved homelands to our doorsteps.

I pray that the Spirit will disrupt our ecclesial and social “business as usual” as She did at the birth of the church (Acts 2), afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. May our tongues be loosened to proclaim God’s justice, and the doors of our communities opened to embrace the homeless immigrant Christ.”–Ched Myers, foreword to Swedish edition of Our God is Undocumented

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