From my kitchen table to yours


Well, it’s 70 degrees in Washington, D.C. today – ten days before Christmas. (Sure hope those folks in Paris at the climate summit are bold!) So Heidi and I made Christmas cards with her new “Andy Warhol” watercolors (actually, they are called Dr. Ph Martin).

She made very lovely wreaths, candles, and Mary greeting Elizabeth. I made coffee pots with holly coming out the spout. I even added a few flecks of goldleaf to make the whole thing pop!

I don’t think anyone will ever confuse my coffeepots for Warhol’s soup cans or shoes, but it’s fun.

If I don’t get to wish you Merry Christmas in person, please accept this photo as my Christmas card. I’m so grateful for all those of you scattered near and far who are making the world a better place where ever you are.

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