Video: Rose Berger on Christians Against Keystone XL

As we celebrate the final defeat of the Keystone XL pipeline, I’ll repost some of the spiritual power that led to this day.


[Originally published Feb. 8, 2014]

After the State Department released its newest report on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline last Friday, I joined one of the more than 270 protest demonstrations around the country on the following Monday.

In D.C. those of us trying to protect the U.S. from the dangers of the pipeline met in front of the White House to remind President Obama that dirty fuels are not in the American interest.

I was surprised to be approached by Eddie Becker for an interview. He’ makes what he calls “instant documentaries,” mostly for his own entertainment and education. He’s got a number of interesting short interviews on You Tube.

Religious Activist Protests XL Pipeline

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