Rose Berger: D.C. Tenants Town Hall Meeting

Such a great way to spend a Saturday! Thank you to the tenants at 2724 11th Street for all their great work.

Sixty percent of D.C. residents are renters. Proud to stand with them to demand fair and affordable housing for tenants and folks who are currently unhoused. Housing is a human right. #tenantsrightsmatter

Thank you to Latino Economic Development Center, Housing for All, and One DC.

Thank you to Naila Goodwin-Early  and the women living at DC General shelter for coming out and for their documentary film Unsettled.

Thank you to Council members Elisa Silverman and Mary Cheh for showing up, for the good work you are doing, and for keeping an open door policy with the citizens of D.C. Where were the rest of the Council members and all the heads of housing agencies? Where was the head of DCRA?

“Parent to orphans, defender of the vulnerable, is GOD in God’s holy house. God makes a home for the homeless, leads prisoners to freedom, but leaves those who rebel against God’s covenant to rot in hell.”–Psalm 68:6

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