Abbot Philip: ‘The Center From Which We Live’

Abbot Phillip
Abbot Phillip

“Spiritual life is the life that we live every day. It is not something apart from our daily lives. Jesus told us in the Gospels that it is not what goes into a person that defiles a person, but that which comes out of the heart. He was talking about food taboos in His own time but the words help us understand that we must live from the heart and be aware of what comes forth from our hearts. In some traditions, the heart is the place of feelings. In other traditions the heart is the place where feelings and thoughts come together. It is this meaning that I use. We can call this place the heart, the center of our being, our soul — or whatever. In each of us there is a center from which we live. Part of growing up is discovering that center and learning how to live from the center of our being. As we grow, we can come to recognize that not all feelings help us live well and neither do all thoughts. We recognize that actions have results and that not all the results of our actions help us live well.”–Abbot Philip, Christ in the Desert Monastery

Read Abbot Philip’s entire reflection.

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