Two Videos to Catch Up on Keystone XL Resistance Movement

archimedes-300x224Since 2011, I’ve placed my “Archimedes lever” in the battle against the Keystone XL pipeline. From there I hope to be part of a living Christian witness to tip the world toward renewable energy and away from climate disaster.

On Sunday, more than 350 students were arrested in front of the White House as part of #XLDissent public demonstration. There is a lot of energy in this campaign!

I’ve written, prayed, spoken publicly, organized, led Bible studies, met with State Department officials, talked with White House officials, trained activists, led public worship, signed numerous petitions, gotten arrested, spent time in jail and in the court room, given urine samples, read lots of books and articles, met new friends, and spent more time than expected reading transnational banking and energy industry reports. This is one face of Christian witness in the 21st century.

Thanks goodness, not everyone does everything. So sometimes it’s helpful to have a catch up on issues you care about but can’t stay in the weeds on.

So here are two videos on the anti-Keystone XL movement that will catch you up on where we are. The first is an 8-minute news clip that gives an overview of the pipeline itself and where big business is with the issue. The second is a recap of the history of the Keystone XL resistance movement.

Also see the cool movement timeline created by the folks at

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