Ruth Graham: Hope for Evangelicals and Catholics on Gay Issues

Ruth Graham
Jounalist Ruth Graham

The Boston Globe recently published two excellent articles, by Ruth Graham, on Catholics and evangelical Christians finally finding some positive traction on homosexuality from within their own ecclesial context.

Recommended reading:

For Catholics, ‘natural law’ one path to accepting gays by Ruth Graham (Boston Globe)

“Our knowledge of biology has changed over time, and if homosexuality is increasingly understood as “natural” for a segment of the population, then this could, in theory, change the Church’s reading of natural law.”

Can the evangelical church embrace gay couples? by Ruth Graham (Boston Globe)

“[I]n the past several years, a new current has arisen in conservative evangelical thought: A small but significant number of theologians, psychologists, and other conservative Christians are beginning to develop moral arguments that it’s possible to affirm committed, monogamous same-sex relationships not in spite of orthodox theology, but within it. They argue that the Bible, read properly, doesn’t condemn such relationships at all—and neither should committed Christians.”

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