Pope Francis: Where’s Your Zeal?

131107123616-pope-francis-smiles-story-top“An authentic faith always implies a deep desire to change the world. And this is the question we should pose ourselves: do we too have great visions and zeal? Are we bold too? Do our dreams fly high? Are we consumed by zeal? Or are we mediocre and satisfied with our theoretical apostolic plans? Let us always remember that the strength of the Church does not reside in herself or in her organisational capacity, but is instead concealed in the deep waters of God. And these waters agitate our desires, and our desires expand our hearts. It is as St. Augustine said: pray to desire and desire to expand your heart. It was precisely in his desires that [Saint Pierre Favre] was able to discern the voice of God. Without desires, one cannot go forth, and this is why we must offer our desires to the Lord. In the Constitutions it is said that we help our neighbours with the wishes presented to the Lord God.”–Pope Francis

One comment

  1. Reminds me of a certain tobacco company ad from when I was a kid. They would drive a truck around town with a sign that said something like, “Show us you (insert brand name here)! We should have Pope Francis driving around in whatever he uses for conveyance today (bus, taxi, etc.) with a sign that says “Show us your Zeal!” When we get confirmed, we should get “zealed” with the chrism of salvation.

    Happy New Year!


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