Baron Wormser’s ‘Teach Us That Peace’

teachuspeace_wormserPoet Baron Wormser’s novel Teach Us That Peace shows how the seemingly impossible–racial harmony in the United States–began to become possible. How did we glimpse a vision of the Beloved Community?

Set in Baltimore, Wormser’s novel chronicles two very important years in American history–1962 and 1963–through the experiences of a 39-year-old mother of three and high school English teacher named Susan Mermelstein and her 16-year-old son Arthur.

This book is a great one to have over the holidays–especially as a conversation starter between generations. What were the critical events that shaped the Baby Boomers in your family? How do those events still shape their values and social-political and cultural life? What do you need to know from them about how we live today?

I studied with Baron Wormser at the Stonecoast MFA program in Maine. He’s an amazing teacher, exceedingly compassionate and gifted writer, and a man who” walks the walk” even more than he “talks the talk.” ORDER NOW.

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