Oscar Romero: ‘The Shepherd King’

Pope Francis' Good Shepherd pectoral cross
Pope Francis’ Good Shepherd pectoral cross

It’s the end of the liturgical year.

From our Earth-based vantage point, we creatures have watched the Sun complete its course through the zodiac constellations along the ancient ecliptic path.

For all our Judeo-Christian time pilgrimages we reach the zenith on the Feast of Christ the King–an upside down triumphalism. Our “King” comes not as a benevolent despot or one mighty in dominating power; instead he comes as servant of all, seeker of lost sheep.

“Christ is presented to us as the shepherd king, king and shepherd of all the world’s peoples, of all of history. It is for us, hierarchy and people, to proclaim the eternal, sole, an universal kingship of Christ and to bring it about that all peoples, families, and persons submit to him. His is not a despotic regime, but a regime of love.”–Oscar Romero, marytyred archbishop of El Salvador

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