Video: James Lee Burke on His Murder Mystery Morality Plays

After Hurricane Katrina, I sent a note off to James Lee Burke asking him to write a short reflection for Sojourners on the tragedy along the Gulf Coast. He responded immediately with a yes and then sent in an appropriately abrasive, truthful indictment of what — and who — some people are willing to sacrifice for their own comfort. (See How Much Are We Willing to Sacrifice To Have Cheap Gasoline?)

This week Religion & Ethics Newsweekly interviewed Burke and let him talk freely about his vast knowledge of history, theology, literature, guns, horses, and Catholicism.

“A Franciscan told me once, ‘Don’t keep track of the score. The score will take care of itself,’” says one of my very favorite writer James Lee Burke.

His best-selling crime novels are full of “biblical imagery, messianic language, the influences of his Roman Catholic boyhood, and a longing for redemption,” according to Religion & Ethics Newsweekly.

(Interview transcript here.)

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