Did The U.S. Need to Attack Japan With Nuclear Bombs To End World War II?

In my years as a peace activist, I get two challenges from people with whom I speak. One, “nonviolence didn’t work against Hitler.” (To which I have two responses: Denmark and the Huguenots of Le Chambon.) Two, “Dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan saved tens of thousands of American lives.”

Below is an important document addressing the second question. Gen. Douglas MacArthur is commonly understood to be one of the most important military leaders in U.S. history. This is Gen. MacArthur’s response to the question about whether it was militarily necessary for the United States to attack Japan with nuclear bombs by targeting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only use of nuclear weapons in human history.


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  1. FROM MARTY: Rose, Interesting. Odd how that happens, MacArthur’s grudge was obviously against those leaders he saw as dangerous and not the enemy.

    I have a dear friend and retired four star general I am helping with a book. He was CG of all forces in Korea from 1984 to 87. Now he is 81 and never trusted anybody in Washington. To this day he trusts few Officers in the Armed Forces. His wife and gay Son just died a few weeks ago only a week or two apart. He would have changed the law against gays years ago had anybody asked him. His current political hero is Hillary Clinton. Go figure.

    A General with a perspective unlike any that ever walked. He was baptized in battle when the Chinese came at him by the thousands. To this day he has nothing but good to say about the Orient and Orientals.

    I sent pictures regarding your arrest for protesting the keystone pipeline to the Environmental Attorneys representing me in a dangerous dam case foisted upon me by Bubba the ex- Chairman of the County Commission. You’re now Stack and Associates PC’s Environmental hero. The boss Donald Stack said, “He loves people who walk the walk and not just talk about it.” –Marty


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