Richard Rohr: Living in the Communion of Saints

I am a man
Ernest Withers’ “I Am A Man” photo as D.C. wall mural by artist JR

“Living in the communion of saints means that we can take ourselves very seriously (we are part of a Great Whole) and not take ourselves too seriously at all (we are just a part of the Great Whole!) at the very same time. I hope this frees you from any unnecessary individual guilt—and more importantly frees you to be full “partners in God’s triumphant parade” through time and history (2 Corinthians 2:14). You are in on the deal and, yes, the really Big Deal. You are all a very small part of a very Big Thing!”–Richard Rohr, ofm

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  1. Rosemarie – wonderful! I love the photo of the mural. I was in DC just a few days before you posted you posted this. My mother was on her way to the West Bank to witness the suffering of the Palestinians. We happened upon the mural after wandering the neighborhoods around Howard U. At the bookstore, we saw a print of a painting depicting a Black man holding one of these signs. Standing before this mural, having just left Howard surrounded as it by some crumbling neighborhoods at the edge of the city within a city built by segregated African American leaders and families, the discovery of this magnificent mural brought me to tears. I, too, encountered Jesus in the painting, in the mural, in those neighborhoods, those that were and those that are. The mural was the only thing I photographed during those days.
    Thanks for reminding me.


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