CITI’s David Deal: This is What Leadership Looks Like

David Deal is the founder and CEO of Community IT Innovators. CITI started in the basement of a house across the alley from me. They’ve been partners and collaborators with Sojourners for many years as Sojourners’ technological needs grew and expanded. As a Mennonite and young tech entrepreneur, David provides a wonderful example of innovative ethical small business leadership. Recently he gave a 14-minute presentation at a D.C.-based TEDx Talk event on servant leadership. Take a few minutes to watch it:

Where do you see servant leadership practiced in organizational structures around you?
What qualities are key to its success?
What elements make a person a servant leader?
Can a business or community organization model servant leadership for the larger community of clients or constituencies?

CITI serves people and organizations working for social justice by enabling them to use technology effectively. David has designed CITI as a mission-driven organization that is also a great place to work and a model for sustainable business practices. He also serves on the boards of the Sustainable Business Network of Washington (SBNOW), UrbanEd, Eastern Mennonite University’s Washington Community Scholars Center, Carlos Rosario Public Charter School, and Byte Back. These organizations share the goal of building stronger communities by providing opportunities for service and learning.

Check out these books:
Journey to the East by Herman Hesse
Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf
Servant Leadership Models for Your Parish by Dan Ebener

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