Video: NBC’s ‘New Normal’ Asks Gay Catholics to Fight for their Place in the Body of Christ

NBC’s The New Normal has a great “confessional” scene in the episode called The Godparent Trap.

Gay dads Bryan and David want to choose godparents for their new baby. They want the child to have a good spiritual foundation, but they are having trouble identifying their own spiritual foundation since their churches have rejected them.

Bryan decides to go back to his Catholic church and speaks to the priest in the confessional. This 2 minute clip is titled “Are You a Fighter?”

One comment

  1. There are many denominations wiithn Christianity, and they don’t all believe the same things.For it to be a true bone of contention , the scientific community needs to provide demonstrable facts that conflict with a particular religious doctrine. With this criteria, the only subject that comes to mind is the age of the earth.Some Christians believe that the earth, and everything on it, was created in six 24 hour periods.There are other subjects that could be considered, but the demonstrable facts aren’t there yet.For the record, I am a Christian, and my church teaches that the age of the earth is unknown, and that the Hebrew word, yom, can accurately be interpreted as a day, year, or indefinite period of time.


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