Red Hot Patriots: 4 Blockaders Attempt to Stop Construction of Keystone XL Pipeline

Check out our testimonial video from four of today's brave blockaders!

At 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning, four blockaders locked themselves to a semi truck hauling pipe destined to be part of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. This construction is part of the southern route and blockaders are taking action in Livingston, Texas.

The Livingston Four are: Denny Hook, a retired United Methodist minister; Ray Torgerson, a small business owner from Houston; Tammie Carson, a  grandmother and Occupier from Arlington, Texas; and Chris Voss, a farmer from Ravenna, Texas.

This morning they locked themselves to the underside of a massive truck carrying 36-inch pipe intended for Keystone XL construction. The truck was parked, idling at the entrance to the pipe yard. This action made construction activity impossible. Seven blockaders total were onsite risking arrest.

They have been threatened with pepper spray by the police, while local construction workers are bringing the protesters water in the hot afternoon sun. At last posting, the police were dismantling the truck axle. One blockader was still holding tight. The 3 others have been arrested. One journalist is part of the six arrested so far as part of this initial wave of citizens’ blockades against the Keystone XL pipeline.

This act of peaceful civil disobedience comes in the wake of a recent court decision condoning TransCanada’s use of eminent domain for private gain. Last week Lamar County Judge Bill Harris ruled in a shockingly abbreviated fifteen-word summary judgment that Texas farmer Julia Trigg Crawford cannot challenge TransCanada’s claim that it is entitled to a piece of her home.

Follow more on this breaking story here.

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