Dorothee Soelle: ‘The Essence of Areligiosity is Isolation’

Dorothee Soelle

Transcending everyday life and its pressures becomes increasingly difficult. The essence of areligiosity, as I see it, is isolation; and isolation is becoming more and more prevalent. More and more people retire into a purely private life, in which the individual has no influence at all on even the most minute sector of public life and is at the mercy of a centralized bureaucracy. …

And old Christian thesis that received considerable attention from the leaders of the Reformation says that where God is absent no vacuum develops but rather false gods work their mischief. People continue to “believe,” and in everything they do they rely on God; they invent God; they “provide themselves with God,” as Luther puts it. The question remains, however, which God this is, which relationships are seen as important, which values are promulgated in myth and reenacted and celebrated in ritual.–Dorothee Soelle, “Rebellion Against Banality”

From The Strength of the Weak: Toward A Christian Feminist Identity by Dorothee Soelle (Westminster Press, 1984)

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