Video: Joseph Ross Reading From ‘Meeting Bone Man’

My friend Joseph Ross has released his first collection of poems titled Meeting Bone Man from Main Street Rag. He is an phenomenal, hard-working poet who investigates the hairline fractures in our souls and applies just enough pressure to stimulate healing before we snap in two.

Here’s Joe reading to a packed house at Busboys & Poets on Sunday, April 15, in Washington, D.C. This is his poem “First and Last” (for his mom).

Acclaimed poet Ethelbert Miller says Joe gives us a collection of poems that “traces words down the center of the back of death. Like a graffiti artist he tags our emotions. Ross takes us from the streets of DC to the land of Darfur. After every poem we are forced to ask – what is the deep truth? When Basquiat meets the Buddha only the Bone Man can tell the tale. Ross writes like a witness to a new religion. Have faith in these poems; they are filled with the type of light the darkness would love to kiss.”

Joe also just won the Enoch Pratt Library Poetry Contest with his poem “If Mamie Till Was the Mother of God.” See more at

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