Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Planet? Defeating Keystone XL Pipeline.

Right now, the Senate is considering legislation to resurrect Keystone XL, overriding President Obama’s rejection of the pipeline, and greenlighting construction of this disasterous project. The grassroots movement against Big Oil interests have put together a massive response to show them that approving Keystone is unacceptable.

Goal: 500,000 messages to the Senate in 24 hours to demand they stop the pipeline.
Why: The Keystone XL pipeline is made to carry a climate-killing brand of uber-oil that will dump 3x more CO2 into the atmosphere than we’re already dealing with.
How: Instead of “boots on the ground” this time, we are calling for an avalanche of e-notes to the Senate reminding them who they work for.

What’s the best Valentine’s Day card a planet could hope for? Defeating the Keystone XL pipeline … in the State Department, in the Senate, and any place else it pokes up its little head.

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