Thomas Merton: What Does Love Know?

“In reality, love is a positive force, a transcendent spiritual power. It is, in fact, the deepest creative power in human nature. Rooted in the biological riches of our inheritance, love flowers spiritually as freedom and as a creature response to life in perfect encounter with another person. It is a living appreciation of life as value as gift. It responds to the full richness, the variety, the fecundity of living experience itself: it ‘knows’ the inner mystery of life. It enjoys life as an inexhaustible fortune.”–Thomas Merton

Love and Living by Thomas Merton (edited by Naomi Burton Stone and Br. Patrick Hart; Harcourt, 1979, p34)

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  1. RE: My painting, “Corazón Puro
    Ms. Berger,
    I am happy to know that you appreciate my art work, but it is unlawful to use it without my permission. Artists work hard, they own the copyright to their work and it cannot be used without their express permission, and a business arrangement such as a contract, or it is the equivalent of stealing. You would not just go into a store and take something without paying for it, would you? Why would you think that my art is any different? Please remove my art from your page, as it does not belong to you and you have not given me the respect of asking to use it. If this seems harsh to you, ask yourself this: If you worked hard to make something with your own two hands, and someone you didn’t even know took it without asking, would you be happy? I can assure you that we artists work hard, and we are not happy when this happens. Please accept this as a learning experience. It is actually within my rights to require compensation~instead I trust that when I return to your page this next week you will have done what I’ve asked and will not publish my art again without my permission. Thank you, Mariana Fay


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