3 responses to “Sen. Barbara Mikulski on ‘Being Educated by the Nuns’”

  1. About Barbara Mikulski,

    Raised Catholic, taught by nuns, different interpretation about unborn, abortion, killing an unborn child is murder, it kills a beating heart, it’s a child not a choice. Save the Baby Humans. The fact that she had Catholic Education and her position on this issue makes it even worse. She knows better and should change her position immediately. If everybody called her offic e and used the full two minutes in her email to voice their protest, this would send her a strong message and at least get her to reconsider

  2. I’m sure Mikulski’s Catholic teaching DID teach her about being pro-life and protecting the unborn. She may interpret that teaching differently than you do. Her Catholic teaching also taught her about respecting human dignity and protecting those already born. I found her speech made last March on the floor of the U.S. Senate in support of a reconciliation bill to adjust health care reform legislation signed into law very informative. You might too: http://mikulski.senate.gov/media/speeches/32410hcrfloorspeech.cfm

  3. I wonder if her Catholic teaching taught her anything about being pro-life and protecting the unborn…because her politically record proves otherwise.

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