MAP: “Sunday Without Women” (Sept. 26) Map of Catholic Women’s Boycott

Are you joining the “Sunday Without Women” on September 26? If you want to be added to the world-wide map, then leave me a comment below with the name and address of the Catholic Church you will not be attending. (Or, if you are google-map savvy, do it yourself here.)
View an updated version of “A Sunday Without Women” Sept. 26, 2010 in a larger map.

What’s it all about? Jennifer Sleeman, an 80-year-old Catholic convert from Clonakilty in Cork, Ireland, is calling on Catholic women to “join your sisters on Sunday, September 26th. On that one day, boycott Mass. Stay at home and pray for change. We are the majority. We may have been protesting individually but unremarked on, but together we have strength and our absence, the empty pews, will be noticed.”

Men are also welcome to participate in the boycott, she said. “It’s not just about Mná na h-Éireann [Women of Ireland]. But it’s for them, because they are frustrated.” This invitation is now being spread to the faithful women of the Catholic church across the world.

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52 responses to “MAP: “Sunday Without Women” (Sept. 26) Map of Catholic Women’s Boycott”

  1. Please add to the map for Day of Action, Sept. 26:

    St. Paul Newman Center, Fresno, CA
    Two of us placed the postcard in the collection box instead of funds. Then, we met another friend at a local bakery where we blessed and shared bread, praying for inclusivity at the table.

  2. I am praying that all you ladies will now go quickly to confession, to a male priest, since only a male priest is real priest. Make appointment, many priest glad to help. I hope you go and are sorry. Jesus very merciful. Jesus help you and love sinner. You get a little penance to do, then again your are happy when renouncing error-theology of the woman ordination. God bless you all and his mercy-love.

  3. Brandon, Manitoba
    I will be wearing a green arm band to mass and withholding my financial contribution on September 26.–Therese

  4. What you women die the next day, by some mishap? It doesnt matter what your reasons were for missing Sunday mass. You will end up in Hell with an unconfessed mortal sin. Do you really want to risk that? There will be no one in Hell to congratulate you on your integrity.

  5. Star of the Sea Bundoran
    Well done Jennifer Sleeman!
    There need not be a shortage of priests.
    I will be supporting you on Sunday 26th Sept.

  6. I have not attended church for quite a few months. I am Catholic since birth. But I cannot support the Roman Catholic Church at this time in my life on so many levels. I support those who are organizing and showing there support for more inclusiveness of women in the church. I am with you in spirit. I will be in Seattle this weekend celebrating my brother in laws retirement. Thank everyone for your love, support and caring. Women will change the church, in spite of itself…they already have…..

  7. Thank you Melanie for sharing your thoughts. Please don’t be disheartened. This is what Catholicism looks like. It is a universal church. Your sentiments reflect the ongoing tension between the timelessness of Catholicism and the prophetic nature of the church. Both are necessary.

  8. I will not be attending St. Joseph Parish in Seattle, Washington in union with the women at St. Andrew Parish in Portland, Oregon and in Ireland and all women in unison with this statement for equality for women in the Roman Catholic Church.

  9. I just stumbled on this blog. As a recent convert to the Catholic church, I am disheartened by this boycott! I spent several years researching the teachings of the Catholic Church before joining, so I know what the Church teaches. Misguided and inflammatory name-calling such as “misogynist” is not helpful. I believe that you all 1) do not understand true Catholic teaching on the value and equality of women and 2) have accepted our post-Christian society’s incorrect definition of ‘equality’ as meaning ‘able to fulfill the same roles.’ Real equality is not based on what you DO but who you ARE. For example, most of us have both hands and feet. They perform completely different tasks and are not interchangeable; however, I would not want to choose whether to keep my hands or my feet. I need them all! (This illustration is from Sacred Scripture.) In addition, the most revered person in the Catholic Church, aside from Jesus, is Mary. And she is not venerated for being a priest! In the same way, women are of equal value in the eyes of God and of the Church, but we have different roles. Having different roles does not mean having lesser value. Having different roles does not mean having lesser intellect. Remember, not all men can be priests either (like married men)!

    Part of the beauty of the Catholic Church, I believe, is the fact that it does not change based on the fads and whims of the times. It remains steadfastly true to Sacred Scripture and Tradition.

    All that being said, I will NOT be joining this boycott and will be in attendance at my home parish, St. Joseph the Worker in Portland, Oregon.

  10. I am a Catholic Hospital Chaplain and fully support this great public display and outcry for change within the church. I will meet that day with others who support this great cause and pray in unity for change. I’m glad to finally see some outward actions.Thank You Jennifer Sleeman!!

  11. In Portland, Oregon, we are holding a prayer service in a downtown park. It is not a boycott, rather a gathering of women and men as support for each other as we ask for change in the Church. Our goal is equality for women to hold positions of decision-making on all levels in the church. We want dignity and respect for women who work for parishes, schools, and archdiocesan offices. There are many stories of womens’ gifts and skills not being respected and taken seriously.

  12. I will not be attending Mass on September 26th at St. Pius X Catholic Church located at 1800 N. Camino Pio Decimo in Tucson, AZ. I support this boycott and any and all efforts to insist on an all inclusive church – where ALL are REALLY welcome. I hope this becomes a yearly protest and that by next year many, many more folks will be aware of the boycott and join us.

  13. I belong to St. Andrew Parish in Portland, OR. But I unfortunately cannot attend the citywide celebration of women’s solidarity that St. Andrew women and women of many other parishes are organizing in the downtown South Park Blocks for this Sunday morning, Sept. 26. I will be in Buena Park, CA visiting my brother. Our usual visit is to go together to Mass at St. Pius V Catholic Church and then out to breakfast. However, this Sunday we will not be in attendance at St. Pius. I would like to know if there are women in Orange County, CA who are celebrating or responding this Sunday in some special way.

  14. St James, Pennington, NJ.
    Haven’t gone in several years, because I believe to attend is to give silent affirmation of the hierarchy, & particularly the bishops’ & cardinal’s shocking responses to the pedophilia cases. The only place they care about is their bank account, let them feel it there.

  15. I fully support this boycott and will be marching Sunday. But I want to mention something: couple years back, the Pope said that gays could not get ordained, likening the ordination of gays to pedophilia. Not to mention all the years the church spent demonizing Jews prior to Vatican II. So the Pope’s latest bit of misogyny fits into a broader context, and I would like to see Catholics really engage start to engage the question of why the church hierarchy sees fit to denigrate large groups of people, and why the laity tolerates such behavior.

  16. Rose
    I admire idea – boycotting mass – my experience is that the catholic church has no real respect for women just a show of lipservice…

  17. St. Barnabas Church Portsmouth Rhode Island 02878
    I support this boycott and all efforts to create an all inclusive church.

  18. I will not go or bring my adult step-son to Mass. on 25th evening or 26th day but instead I will try and attend the Quaker ceremony in Limerick city to pray for an appropriate role for women in their church whatever level of involvement they wish for. I don’t want any ordained role in my R.C. church or any at any level other than at the lowest of attendance.

    I would like to attend a Quaker service to see and feel how they celebrate our God.

    Thank you Jennifer for having cared so much to have done this,

  19. I will not attend Mass on September26 with my children in my local church-St Macartan’s Cathedral-Monaghan Ireland.
    I am committed to Jesus, not to an organization of arrogant, power-hungry outdated misogynists in Rome who spoil it for the true disciples of God.
    I spoke with Jennifer Sleeman on the phone during the week. She has the right attitude and she has the courage to voice the profound thoughts of millions of Catholics throughout the world.
    Jesus loved and honoured women and children. They too are created in His likeness. Time for radical change. It WILL happen. God will see to that.

  20. St Patricks Cathedral, Auckland
    I will join with people around the world to pray for recognition of women as equal members of the Catholic Church. Thank you for this initiative.

  21. Thanks Diane. I’ve visited Spiritus Christi and love the community there. Thanks for sharing more about it with us!

  22. I will be attending a Catholic Church with a women reverend/priest; “Spiritus Christi.” Rochester, NY
    “We are a Christ-centered Catholic Community reaching beyond the institutional church to be inclusive of all. Jesus Christ is our Pastor. ”
    Mary Ramerman was ordained on November 17, 2001 at the Eastman Theatre. Ordaining Mary were Bishop Peter Hickman, representatives of Spiritus Christi, and Catholic and interfaith clergy from around the world.
    In the spring of 2002, Denise Donato was ordained a deacon.
    After a year of preparation, she was ordained a priest on
    February 22, 2003 at Hochstein–again by Bishop Peter
    Hickman, the Spiritus Christi community, and interfaith clergy.

  23. Hi Bill–
    I’ve updated the map with a new photo. If you click on the link it will always take you to the most recent version of the map. Thanks so much for your work with One Spirit, One Call. Do you want to write me a short post about how this came together in Portland?

  24. I will not be attending Sunday Mass at St. Mary’s in Nicasio, CA. In fact, I stopped attending Sunday Mass a couple of years ago because I could not in good conscience put money in the collection basket. It was my personal protest: no taxation without representation. St Mary’s is a small country parish and we have only one weekday Mass on Thursday mornings that I attend regularly (there is no collection at Thursday’s mass). Not surprisingly, women fill the pews. It’s the closest thing to a woman’s monastery and I love it. We meet for cake & coffee afterward at a ranch just down the road and our pastor joins us. We are a spirited group of women, albeit small in number, but I have faith that our voices for change will one day be heard. The parish has an annual auction with all funds going towards the preservation of the beautiful old church so I always make a generous donation for that. We must save our parish churches. It’s the hierarchy that needs to go.

  25. While St. Francis Church in Sacramento, California is a sign of hope, there is a bigger picture of which we are a part. In light of that bigger picture I will not be in the pew on Sunday, September 26th.

  26. Great idea! We can then say hello to the faithful remnant and rebuild with them – beautiful.

  27. As a woman who advocates justice for women in Burma , I am very willing to add my name and link arms with my sisters fighting for women in the Catholic church. Relationships and leadership is critically needed by women instead of ritual and revisionist tradition which has gone on far too long! Keep up the good work!

  28. Rosemarie, after talking with 2 wise, spiritual leaders (Your mother and Sr C, i have decided to join the boycott after all to stand in solidarity with those women who are in parishes and have pastors that do not honor the efforts of the women in the RC community. We are looking for a way to make a visible statement on that day. Add me to the map in Sacramento, CA.

  29. I will not be attending my local church on 26th Sept. My church is the church is Sacred Heart church, Cobh Co COrk Ireland
    Thank you for the opportunity to sign up somewhere, Rose. I am a very serious Catholic and have been upset for years at the way the Catholic Church Hierarchy behave.

  30. I think you asked us to let you know that we were not going to church tomorrow to speak out for justice for women. My wife, Joan, and I will not attend Immaculate Heart of Mary in Hayesville, NC.
    Blessings of peace and justice,

  31. Dear Bernadine–
    Thanks very much for your comment. We appreciate the support and I think the green armband idea might be one that catches on. Your story of the priest and the altar boy is heartbreaking and exemplifies what happens when ritual replaces relationship.

  32. I would support someone like you to take the lead on adding to the protest by absence, – with the wearing a green armband as suggested by one of your bloggers. I reckon this would get a lot of non attenders to return to mass because it will mean something – a relationship with the church – a voice.

    I will not be attending mass in Newcsatle Co Down N Ireland but would happily stand outside and give out armbands to those going in. I believe this is a wonderful chance for the hierarchy to hear what a majority of its followers think. I often sit in mass listening to an out of date priest rant in a way Christ would have hated and think what would Christ have done and I know it would be to stand up and question the priest. Unfortunately we in the church have been so silenced that no one would dare to ‘disturb ‘ the ritual of mass.

    Our new parish priest continued mass when the altar boy collapsed and hit his head on the altar, he even stepped over him to go give holy communion. Surely this level of child neglect is abuse. (Parishioners did go the child but only after a delay while waiting for the priest to stop mass – this did not happen).

    Keep up your good work


  33. I will not attend mass on Sept 26th and I will continue to support my church, St Andrew in Portland Oregon. We’re a progressive community dedicated to social justice…including working for inclusion of women in the hierarchy of the church. I believe we have to work from within to make changes. Catholics have to make the changes, no other denomination can do it for us. So, while it’s difficult to be a member of a church which operates in a ways I find offensive, I stay because I believe we will see change if we work together.

  34. I will not attend Mass at our Church on Sept. 26.

    St. Clare of Assisi, Surprise, AZ. Yes, and I pray for change

  35. Hi Penny–
    Thanks for your note. I understand completely. St. Francis is one of the few places that I’ve really seen inclusiveness in action in Catholic liturgical life. Thank you for praying and keeping the faith.

  36. Rosemarie,

    I will not be participating in this boycott. I am very torn about it, because while i believe the bishops and the Vatican need to wake up to their mysogyny, the pastor at St Francis Parish in Sacramento, CA does everything he possibly can to honor the women of his parish-staff and lay ministers. I see no purpose in acting out in this parish.

    I will attend noon mass as usual at St Francis on that Sunday, and pray even more fervently than ever, for the Holy Spirit to open the souls, hearts, and minds of the hierarchy on the role of women in the Church, including the priesthood.

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