Donte Manning: ‘Great to Use with Social Justice Classes’

Here’s a very heartening note I got from my Aunt JB today on my book Who Killed Donte Manning?

“Regarding your book, thanks for writing it.  I got 6 copies of it and passed them out to my sisters and a couple of friends. You have given us much to think about.  I will give a copy to the Chair of our Department to read. I think it would be great to use it in our Social Justice Classes. Your study guide in the back of the book is excellent for discussion. So a great big congratulations to you! You should be delighted to be published!”–Aunt JB

Everyone needs a cheering section! And I want to give a special shout out to Joe Ross who wrote the study guide at the back of the book.

If anyone wants to set up a study group, I’d be glad to Skype in for a session or answer e-mail questions from the group.

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