One response to “Why Do Americans Emphasize Charity Over Justice?”

  1. On “Wallking in the Footsteps of Christ” and the numerous articles on immigration by Jim Wallis…I fail to see either Charity or Justice in advocating for persons to come here to be used for cheap labor.
    I remember the rancor of those in the Vineyards when the last laborer was paid the same as the one with tenure. The cheap labor supports the owners of the Empire, the workers left poor. It is a great poverty of Spirit that would promote such a thing as charity or justice. In 2014, under ObamaCare, those 65 and older will take part in the biggest lie offered under the guise of Healthcare, as my own Doctor told me, we won’t be able to do anything for that group.
    Some of those people are Nuns, they were my teachers.
    I cannot recall a time in history when a culture was left without its elders, without its holders of Wisdom, without the keepers of the stories of life, of its good and of its wrongs, of its sins and of its great promise of Salvation. The “Social Sin” is reality when we speak about issues affecting someones elses life, that make US feel Holy and look good, when our own food arrives at our tables by the long hard labor of those who pick it for peanuts. The real problems, the real sin is not out there it is within. Maybe you and Jim Wallis could co-author an article on how you manage to live on $8.50 or even $10.00 an hour, just so this author will know that there is someone on the Path of Christ.

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