Photographs: ‘Dream Big Dreams’

Here are two photographs pulled from the White House Flickr stream. I like both of them for very different reasons. I hope you enjoy them also.


This is an “Official White House Photo” taken by Pete Souza. President Obama and Jon Favreau, head speechwriter, edit a speech on health care in the Oval Office, Sept. 9, 2009, in preparation for the president’s address to a joint session of Congress. As a writer and editor, I just love to see the mark-ups. There’s a creative elegance to it.


This photo’s also by Pete Souza. It shows Obama’s signature on a wall in a health classroom at Southwest High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, June 11, 2009. The staff at the school, where the President attended a town hall meeting on health care, left a note asking him to sign the wall for future students to see. He wrote, “Dream big dreams” (or perhaps “Dream hip dreams,” which also is cool with me).

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