One response to “César Baldelomar: Why I’m a Vatican II Catholic”

  1. Thank you Cesar! All these heroes are great and believed in a big open God. My sister Dorothy Stang looked at the poor, human rights, women rights, the rights of the Environment, the rights of the forest, the rights of the animal kingdom and she did not interject the tribalism of religion but the love and compassion of God for all of God’s creation. I am a Vatican II catholic as was my great sister. We were/are in our 70’s. The Holy Spirit dwells beautifully in all of us equally. If I may, here is a short prayer my sister taught me soon before she was murdered: “Wake up from our sleep, Arise from the Dead, Descend from you cross and ascend to your ‘Throne’, Rend the veil of your temple and stand in the light, your ‘spirit’ should never be in the night, let us join hands together, with those who work forever for humanity, for there dwells the Holy Spirit.”
    David Stang
    David Stang

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