Is Nationalism a Heresy? Bishops of Africa Discuss.

african synod posterCardinal Sodano, dean of the Roman Catholic College of Cardinals, addressed the Synod of African Bishops (happening this week in Rome) on how Christian values shape patriotism, nationalism, and love for one’s country.

“Nationalism,” of which the U.S. seems to have a very bad case, is a deviation or heresy that is wholly anti-Christian.

“Love of one’s nation — concretely, of one’s people, one’s compatriots — is certainly a Christian duty, but we also have to add that the deviation of nationalism is wholly anti-Christian.

Christianity has always condemned every deformation in this concept of nation, a deformation that frequently descends into nationalism or even racism, the true negation of Christian universality.

In reality, the two basic principles of the Christian community have always been as follows: the dignity of each human person, on the one hand, and the unity of the human species, on the other. These are two inviolable frontiers, within which various concepts of nation can evolve, depending on time and place.”–Angelo Sodano, Roman Catholic cardinal

Read Cardinal Sodano’s whole address here.

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