Moneygall: The Ancestral Home of O’Bama

I wrote earlier about The Photo Not Taken as I sped through Moneygall, Ireland, birthplace of Barack Obama’s great-great-great grandfather a few days before the historic U.S. elections.

What do you know? Canon Stephen Neill, Anglican priest in the diocese of Limerick & Killaloe who blogs at Paddy Anglican, sent me the photo that I missed!

Sign outside Moneygall, Ireland. Thanks Stephen!
Sign outside Moneygall, Ireland. Thanks Stephen!


  1. Enjoying keeping up with you here. When/Where will your book be?? Enjoy your family visit and post a picute so I can see you while on the Gulf Coast… Has it been 9 years since we had New Years with Martin Sheen???


    • I suggest directing your question to Canon Stephen Neill who blogs at Paddy Anglican ( He serves Moneygall and can probably answer your question.


  2. I do not know if you can help me but my grandmother was Catherine Coughlan born in Barna. Her father was John Coughlan, Tailor. Her mother was Sarah Kennedy. I belive John Coughlan died in Moneygall in 1871. His son Patrick, also a tailor ,with his sister Anne were still alive in the early nineteen hundreds. Are there any records of them? I had planned to visit Moneygall two years ago but I had kinney failure and cann’t travel anymore. I have dialysis every other day. I would appreciate any help. Thank you.


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