Via Crucis, Via Lucis: Practicing the Easter Season’s “Stations of Light”

As we celebrate the Easter Season, I’m reposting a piece I wrote back in 2004 on the “Stations of Light.” This is a wonderful practice for helping us focus on the joy of the Easter season as intently as we focus on the repentance of the Lenten season.

Via Crucis, Via Lucis
by Rose Marie Berger

It’s an old Latin adage. “Via Crucis, Via Lucis.” Can you see the abuelita, the old grandmother, shrugging her shoulders and patting her teenage grandson on the cheek? Where there’s the cross, there’s also light.

A few years ago Pope John Paul II decided to officially resurrect an ancient Christian custom called the Via Lucis – the Way of Light. It’s a devotional practice similar to the Stations of the Cross, but it focuses on the Easter appearances. It’s also called the Stations of the Resurrection or the Stations of Joy. Well suited for the 50 days of the Easter season prior to Pentecost, the Via Lucis scriptures reflect on the final chapters of the four gospels, which narrate the resurrection appearances. There are 14 “stations of light.”

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