Video: Live Chat with Rose Berger & Betsy Shirley on Catholic Nonviolence Initiative

Here’s a 30 minute chat with Sojourners editors Rose Berger and Betsy Shirley on the “Game Changer?” cover article in Sojourners’ December 2016 issue. (Link to this video.)

It was great to have live questions from the Facebook audience!

Find out more about the Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and sign an Appeal to the Catholic Church to Recommit to the Centrality of Gospel Nonviolence.

Get ready for the 50th anniversary of the World Day of Peace on the theme of Nonviolence.


Revitalizing Roots: Visit “Spirituality and Practice”

At church on Sunday, Fr. Mike said he’d just completed a 30-day online spiritual retreat. I wanted to find out more, so started poking around on the Spirituality and Practice web site.

In addition to film and book lists for deepening one’s spiritual life, there is also a “Spiritual Literacy” section. Under the topic, Spiritual Literacy in Wartime the authors’ write:

• We know that it is imperative that we disarm our own hearts so that the natural anger and hatred we feel for those who might harm us does not overwhelm us. Daily we face the daunting challenge of loving our enemies. To reinforce our intention to forgive strangers, we begin by forgiving those close to us who have hurt us.

• Intercessory prayer has always been one of our central practices. We have a prayer list that we attend to every day; we make sure that world leaders — and dictators and terrorists — are included.

• The more we notice our culture’s tendency to focus upon differences that divide, the more we cling to the spiritual traditions of hospitality and openness. We are educating ourselves about other cultures.

I encourage you to poke around in this wonderful resource.