Poem: Annie Finch’s Summer Solstice Chant

I studied with Annie Finch at the Stonecoast MFA creative writing program at the University of Southern Maine. She’s now the director.

Tupelo Press has just released a CD of Annie reading all of the poems in her 2003 collection titled Calendars, with musical interludes played on Celtic harp with Anglo-Saxon tunings by Mac Ritchey of the ensemble 35th Parallel. Here’s an appropriate selection:

Summer Solstice Chant
June 21

by Annie Finch

The sun, rich and open,
stretches and pours on the bloom of our work.

In the center of the new flowers,
a darker wing of flower

points you like a fire.

Point your fire like a flower.

From Calendars by Annie Finch (Tupelo Press).