Video: Michele Bachmann Gets ‘Mic Checked’ in Charleston

This is what liturgy looks like. Occupy Charleston addressed Michele Bachmann at a public appearance on the USS York in Charleston harbor. They provide a very fine example of what “speaking truth to power” looks like. Even the call-and-response of the human microphone hints at the kind of power that could be present in religious gatherings.

Also note the classic nonviolence tactics. When one leader is approached by the police, another leader emerges. The “authorities” are confused. To the policeman’s credit, he realized quickly that he couldn’t control the crowd so he controlled what he could, which was Bachmann’s “safety.” So he escorted her out.

In a Facebook post following the event, Occupy Charleston wrote:

“To the people: Today Occupy Charleston shut down a speech by presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. Together in unison we took advantage of the moment to address the system and the people within it as to the unjust role of corporate money in politics. Michele Bachmann was not our target in this action; she is a representative of the institutional and legal corruption that has infected our country–a system of corruption that values profit over people and is driven by the financial interests of the few against the many.

Political candidates have the finances to create a spectacle to promote the interests of the 1%. This is an ability that is not afforded to the vast majority of the people. Our actions were an attempt to break that spell and to give voice to the 99% and their interests which have too long been ignored by the political establishment. This is not a Democratic or a Republican issue, this transcends petty party politics.”

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