Poetry: Theo Dorgan’s “Bread Dipped in Olive Oil and Salt”

Theo_DorganI heard Theo Dorgan read in Dublin last year from his then as yet unpublished manuscript. Now Greek, his newest collection of poems is available – and I’m savoring every page. Even today I took my copy down to the cafe beneath my office and read while the ladies fixed my sandwich. (I noticed I was sharing the table with a young woman who was reading off her Kindle. While casting no aspersions her way – I know she’s saving trees – I was highly satisfied holding my book in my hands. Ahhh, the pleasure.)

Below find Dorgan’s poem that appeared on Poetry Daily. I recently read this one aloud to a friend while she was cooking dinner.

Bread Dipped in Olive Oil and Salt
by Theo Dorgan

Bread dipped in olive oil and salt,
a glass of rough dry white.

A table beside the evening sea
where you sit shelling pistachios,
flicking the next open with the half-
shell of the last, story opening story,
on down to the sandy end of time.

The stars coming out on the life that I call mine

Dorgan is a poet, prose writer, editor, scriptwriter, translator, and sailor. His other books include What This Earth Cost Us (Dedalus, 2008); Sailing for Home, his prose account of a transatlantic voyage under sail; and, in 2007, A Book of Uncommon Prayer, which he compiled and edited. He is the editor of Irish Poetry Since Kavanagh, and co-editor of Leabhar Mór na hÉireann / The Great Book of Ireland, An Leabhar Mór / The Great Book of Gaelic, the anthology Watching the River Flow, and the acclaimed collection of historical essays Revising the Rising.

Video: Theo Dorgan reads “Visitors”

I’m reading the new collection of poems by Irish poet Theo Dorgan. It’s titled Greek (Daedelus Press, 2010). I heard Theo read some of his Greek pieces when I was in Ireland in 2008. Stunning! Here’s a video of Theo reading “Visitors.” I’m not sure where this is shot, but it probably somewhere outside Dublin. This collection is a great one for reading aloud around the dinner table or while doing the dishes.