Eve Tetaz: Bad Citizen or Good Citizen?

evearrest“I am a good citizen as I continue to speak the truth to power and challenge the empire.”–Eve Tetaz after being sentenced on Jan. 29, 2015, to pay a $5,000 fine for entering the Fr. Benning Army base with a photo of 18-year old Mauricio Ortega Valerio, one of the forty-three Mexican students who were disappeared in September 2014, and asking the guard “Where are the missing?” [Read more of Eve Tetaz’s statement.]

The prophet Isaiah says: “Cry out and sing, citizen of Zion, for the Holy One of Israel is among you in greatness” (Isaiah 12:6). Eve Tetaz is exhibiting all the characteristics of a citizen of Zion.

SOA Watch protesters get $5,000 fine, probation for entering Benning

One School of Americas Watch protester was sentenced to five years probation and another was slapped with a maximum $5,000 fine Thursday for trespassing onto Fort Benning during the annual protest in November.

U.S. Magistrate Stephen Hyles sentenced Robert Norman Chantal, 62, of Americus to five years probation after pleading guilty and stating that he wouldn’t enter the post again. Chantal was dressed in a sad clown face during the Nov. 23 protest on Benning Road to close the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security

Eve TetazCalling 83-­year-­old Eve Tetaz a bad citizen, the judge sentenced the longtime activist to pay a $5,000 fine but the woman with a many medical issues avoided prison time. She must pay the fine in 30 days or make arrangements, one of her attorneys said outside District Court.

Chantal and Tetaz of Washington, D.C., were among the 1,336 people who gathered at the Stone Gate for the annual protest to remember the victims of violence in Latin America and call for closing the institute. It was the group’s 25th year at the post since the 1989 massacre in El Salvador was linked to graduates of the School of Americas which operated at the post from 1984 to December 2000. The school’s name was changed to the institute in 2001. …

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83-Year-Old Teacher Gives Drone Squad a Civics Lesson – Reads Constitution, Gets Arrested

Eve Tetaz, 83, was found not guilty on Tuesday, Sept.16, in De Witt Town Court for her protest opposing Reaper Drone war crimes at 174th Attack Wing at Hancock Air Base near Syracuse, N.Y.

I’ve spend many extremely hot or bone-chillingly cold hours with Eve sitting in the back of police vans. She’s a wonderful soul. And Mark Goldstone is one of the heroes of the D.C. legal community. I’m a huge fan! He’s helped so many of us press our points in the court and helped us use the law to improve our country.

According to reports:

Immediately after Onondaga County prosecutor Jordan McNamara rested his case against D.C. peace and justice activist Eve Tetaz, DeWitt town judge David Gideon granted Ms Tetaz’ motion to dismiss. Ms Tetaz represented herself pro se with the support of D.C. attorney Mark Goldstone.

Ms. Tetaz had been arrested on April 28, 2013, along with 30 others as she stood reading aloud the Preamble to the UN Charter and the First Amendment of the Constitution on the edge of the driveway leading into the Hancock Reaper drone base. The prosecution’s video of Ms Tetaz’ arrest showed the arresting officer grabbing those documents from her hands and tossing them aside.

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Eve Jailed for Choosing Life

On June 27, 2012, Eve Tetaz, 80, was found guilty of violating 40 USC 6135 for holding a banner on the grounds of the U.S. Supreme Court protesting the use of capital punishment in the United States.

Eve was initially sentenced to a $350 fine, a 3-year probationary term and stay-away from the U.S. Supreme Court, and a 30 day sentence, all suspended but 15 days. However, at her June 27 sentencing before Judge McKenna Eve said she could not in good conscience cooperate with fines, probation, or a stay way order from the court grounds. Consequently, she was sentenced to 60 days in D.C. Jail – the maximum statutory sentence allowed.

“I’ve spoken with Eve a few times by phone,” said her sister. “Her spirits are good, although she still is not receiving all her medicines. Visiting hours are restrictive – one hour once a week. She still does not have commissary privileges and they confiscated her pen and writing paper so she’s not able to write except when a fellow inmate gives her paper and pen. She enjoys being with her co-prisoners and is doing some tutoring.”

I’ve been arrested with Eve, a former public school teacher and member of Eighth Day Faith Community, several times. Fearless, clear, willing to put her body on the line for justice when so many others can not. If you would like to send letters of support, you can address them to: Eve Tetaz Inmate # 316087, DC JAIL, 1901 E St SE, Washington, D.C. 20003. Please keep her in your prayers — especially that she receives all her medications.