Bree Newsome’s Acts of Independence

Screen-Shot-2015-06-30-at-11.54.59-AMHow will your church mark Independence Day this year? Consider reading Bree Newsome’s “Now Is the Time for True Courage” from the pulpit — perhaps in place of the epistle — because this is what the Acts of the Apostles looks like today.

My Harper Collins Study Bible (2006) describes the book of Acts this way: “The title indicates the shift in content from Luke’s Gospel, which is about Jesus, to Acts, which concerns the life and work of the church as it is brought into being and sustained by God.”

It goes on to describe the genre. “Precisely because it does contain stories about the church, Acts is often referred to as a book of history. That identification, however,  overlooks the number of genres within Acts, such as biography, homily, letter, and apology. To think of Acts exclusively as history can also obscure the way in which the author’s theological convictions shape the story that unfolds. For these reasons, Acts is best regarded under the general category of theological narrative.”

Yesterday, Bree Newsome, the 30-year-old Christian activist from Charlotte, NC, who climbed the flag pole to remove the Confederate battle flag in front of the South Carolina state house on June 27, 2015, issued such a “theological narrative.”

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