Vatican Adjusts Questionaire to American Sisters

dancing_nunGood news this morning! It appears that some good old-fashioned communicatin’ is going on between the heads of Catholic women’s communities and their sister, Mary Clare Millea, who has been tapped by Rome to investigate them.

(As far as I know, this does not affect any change in the investigation process of the Leadership Conference of Women religious who meet with Bishop Blair in Baltimore on Nov. 24.)

U.S. women religious superiors will no longer have to supply to the Vatican some of the most controversial information it had requested as part of a three-year study of religious congregations, writes Tom Fox in the National Catholic Reporter, according to a Nov. 5 letter obtained by NCR.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Information no longer being requested as part of the Vatican Apostolic Visitation, which began last January, includes the properties owned by the congregations, their most recent financial audits, ages of the sisters, and the ministries they are involved in. Word of the change in procedures came in a letter dated Nov. 5 sent to the women religious superiors by Apostolic Visitator Mother Mary Clare Millea. Millea explained in her letter why she had dropped the request for the information.

“Many major superiors have already addressed concerns to the Apostolic Visitation Office regarding confidentiality and protection of privileged information about their congregation, the sisters themselves and their apostolate. Although our canonical and civil advisors concur that the Apostolic See has the right to all the information contained in the questionnaire, in response to your legitimate questions, I have determined that documents number 5, 6, 7, requested in Part C of the questionnaire, are not to be submitted to the Apostolic Visitation Office as part of this visitation. This change in design of the questionnaire was made after listening to your concerns and after considerable prayer and counsel. “

Read the whole story here. Nice work by Tom Fox and NCR staff.