Video: Pacem in Terris at 50

Here’s a great 3-minute video on Pacem in Terris, the encyclical written by Pope John XXIII. What does it mean 50 years later? It includes quotes from John Carr, Bryan Hehir, Maryanne Cusimano Love, Meghan Clarke, Gerry Powers, and Peter Turkson.

Thanks to Dennis Sadowski and Chaz Muth over at Catholic News Service for putting it together.  Find out more here.

Catholic Cardinal Discusses Competition in a ‘Climate-Constrained Environment’

Cardinal Peter Turkson
On October 27, Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, identified climate change as a critical challenge in the modern world in his welcome to world religious leaders at the Day of Reflection, Dialogue and Prayer for Peace and Justice in the World held in Assisi, Italy.

The Assisi event celebrated and reiterated Pope John Paul II’s 1991 convening for world peace in St. Francis’ hometown.

“We come from different religious traditions and from various parts of the world to renew and strengthen a quest for the truth that each of us, out of our own tradition, is ceaselessly committed to. We come also to bear witness to the great power of religion for good, and to renew a common commitment to building peace, to reconciling those in conflict and to bringing man back into harmony with creation.

The twenty-five years of our joint effort for peace have richly displayed our sense of brotherhood and solidarity in the service of our world and the human family. But the years have also been fraught with challenges to the sense of man and history. We have entered a century in which ideologies would reduce the sense of human person, and distort the relationships with nature. The strong resource competition among peoples in a climate-constrained environment threatens to dissolve the fabric of human society and devastate the very order of creation which Francis of Assisi praised in his Canticle of the Sun. The beautiful song bespeaks an awakening to the universe to be seen not only as a collection of things to be worked and consumed but also as a “community of life” to be entered into profoundly, humbly and creatively.”–Roman Catholic Cardinal Peter Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

Read Cardinal Turkson’s complete presentation.