Video: Bill Moyers on Victory in Stopping Keystone XL Pipeline

Thanks Bill Moyers and Bill Maher!

[Note: Bill Maher describes the Keystone XL pipeline as bringing “natural gas” from Canada to the United States. This is wrong. It was intended to bring a non-traditional heavy crude extracted from the tar sands in Alberta — a process that releases 3 times more greenhouse gases into the environment than even traditional crude oil.]

Poetry from Tahir Square

The video below of an Egyptian poet spewing verse over Tahir Square in the middle of the “18 Days of Revolution” is a great example of poetry as a living art. Thanks to Hany and Omar Soliman for their work on this.

The Justice in You
by Kamal Abdel Halim (nickname is Sayed Karwata)

Justice in our country has its ministry
But you can’t find justice in the streets or neighborhoods
While you, Oppression, are in every street and neighborhood
Even though here there is no ministry for you
O Egypt, it seems like everything in you is being passed down in generations
from prostitution to slavery, even presidency comes with its heirs.
O Country, enough sin!

Review on “Cut Loose the Body”

More reviews on Cut Loose the Body: An Anthology of Poetry on Torture and Fernando Botero’s Abu Ghraib edited by Joseph Ross and myself. This one from Robert Giron over at Chez Robert‘s. There are still some copies of Cut Loose available through D.C. Poets Against the War.

Here in this short chapbook, we have a variety of poets who have spoken out against the injustices committed by civilized humans within our lifetime, yet Myra Skylar’s poem The Infinite Regress of War speaks to the history of influence:–

…Poet, if I put your words
inside my poem, have we not crossed over

into one another?

–For the import of this collection is to make the reader–yet sadly the ones who need to read this more than others will probably not read this–reflect and perhaps be moved to action to stop injustices from happening in this world which we must all share, regardless of cultural or political background.

Read the whole review here..