Thomas Merton: ‘Love is a Revelation’

Merton and D.T. Suzuki, 94, in New York, 1964.

Love is the revelation of our deepest personal meaning, value and identity. But this revelation remains impossible as long as we are the prisoners of our own egoism. I cannot find myself in myself, but only in another. —Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton: Love and Living, Naomi Burton Stone and Brother Patrick Hart, editors (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1979, p. 31)

Thomas Merton: ‘Stable As The Land’

How necessary it is for monks to work in the fields, in the rain, in the sun, in the mud, in the clay, in the wind: these are our spiritual directors and our novice masters. They form our contemplation. They instill virtue into us. They make us as stable as the land we live in. You do not get that out of a typewriter.–Thomas Merton

From The Intimate Merton, ed. Patrick Hart and Jonathan Montaldo (HarperCollins, 1999, p. 80)

Thomas Merton: ‘The Mask of Affability’

Photo by Thomas Merton
Photo by Thomas Merton

In silence we face and admit the gap between the depth of our being, which we consistently ignore, and the surface which is untrue to our own reality. We recognize the need to be at home with ourselves in order that we may go out to meet others, not just with a mask of affability, but with real commitment and authentic love. That is the reason for choosing silence. —Thomas Merton

Love & Living, edited by Naomi Burton Stone and Br. Patrick Hart (Harcourt, 1979, p. 41)