Laudato Z’ine Makes Debut at Vatican

Spotted in Rome at the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

The Vati-Cats and Laudato Zi’ne debuted in Rome last week. (If you haven’t been keeping track of this popular “zine” version of Pope Francis’ teaching on climate change, then check out Laudato Z’ine and the Vati-Cats.)

Before I left from D.C., Heidi folded another 50 copies of Laudato Z’ine and I packed them in my suitcase. When I arrived in Rome for the conference on Catholics, Nonviolence, and Just Peace, I casually put a few out on the display table. Soon they were all gone. Then I gave a copy to some folks in particular. So now it should be tucked away in the carry-alls of a few bishops in Africa, professors in the Philippines, a nun in Iraq, and several others.

But its special debut was at the Pontifical Office on Justice and Peace (see photo above). We were there to do some more official business, but … well, what would Francis do? So I tucked a copy in the magazine rack outside Cardinal Turkson’s office. Who knows where it might end up!

Oh yes. And there were a LOT of cats in Rome.


Laudato Z’ine & Vati-Cats

3810_001“Bienvenidos al Laudato Z’ine,” say the Vati-Cats. Welcome!

If you are here, then you are one of a select group to have heard about the Laudato Z’ine project, a kitchen-table experiment to spread the word about Pope Francis’ circular letter to the world (or encyclical) about climate change and integral ecology.

This started as a fun weekend project and has continued to grow. (And thanks to the good folks at Geez for a shout-out in their awesome Spring 2016 issue on watershed discipleship!)

Here are the pdfs for you to make your own Laudato Z’ine at home (page 1 and page 2 on 11 x 17 inch paper). LaudatoZine_page 1 and LaudatoZine_page2 (do not print these back to back. You will make two separate booklets, then glue them together.)

And here’s instructions on how to fold a book. Laudato Z’ine is actually two booklets pasted together, back to back. Continue reading “Laudato Z’ine & Vati-Cats”