‘Everests of Refuse’ In Our Own Backyard

Garbage in D.C.
Garbage in D.C.

Thanks to Tim Kumfer for his great post over at Always New Depths on Garbage. One lesson we can learn from the “lilies of the field” is to only produce waste that’s compostable!

Here’s a bit of Tim’s post, but read the whole thing and get his Six Ideas (including one on ever-popular Sarah Palin):

My last week in DC, I finally made it to the city’s seedy (and stinky) underbelly of first-world consumerism: the Fort Totten Trash Transfer Station.  I was there to add some of my group house’s IKEA furniture which had outlived its oh-so-short life span.

The scene? Shit. Mountains and mountains of shit, as far as the eye can see. Great Everests of refuse, crushed together by plow trucks and  cranes.

As it turns out, the dystopian future so cutely rendered in WALL-E might not be as far off as I’d hoped. It’s already here; you just have to drive under a bridge  in Brookland to find it.

Read Tim’s complete post here.

And if you like this topic, read Gone Tommorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage by Heather Rogers.