Frederico Garcia Lorca: ‘The Ivory Letters Saying Ever’

by artist Khadzhi-Murad Alikhanov

In honor of Frederico Garcia Lorca‘s birthday, listen to flamenco and read poetry ….

Ghazal of Love Unforseen

No one understood the perfume, ever:
the dark magnolia of your belly.
No one ever knew you martyred
love’s hummingbird between your teeth.

A thousand Persian ponies fell asleep
in the moonlit plaza of your brow
while for four nights through I bound
your waist, the enemy of snow.

Between plaster and jasmine
your glance, pale branch of seed.
I searched my breast to give you
the ivory letters saying: ever.

Ever, ever, my agony’s garden,
your elusive form forever:
blood of your veins in my mouth,
your mouth now lightless for my death.
–Frederico Garcia Lorca

From The Collected Poems: A Bilingual Edition by Federico García Lorca, Christopher Maurer, Editor

Flamenco Flatlines Big Bank of Spain

Guerilla theater prophets at Rev. Billy’s Church of Stop Shopping have turned their sites to the thievery of Big Banks saying, “We return to the shiny, silent interior of big banks, the lobbies where we hope to establish a visual wedge, an opening of possibility in the rogue empires of Chase, Citi and B of A. Why do Americans continue to reverence these criminal organizations called big banks. Trillions in assets – with the money spent around the world as if from a detached dirigibles, untethered to any democratic controls.” Below are the flamenco artists who brought their message to the Bank of Spain.

They are, as Rev. Billy puts it, “artists who brave the high church environment of the big banks’ insides.” You can watch more at And read Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann on Rev. Billy in What Would Jesus Buy?