Belle Fox-Martin’s Marks of Lent

Belle Fox-Martin sent me this lovely Lenten icon today.

I’m finding myself tossed and tumbled in the Lenten scriptures — at one time dry bones, another the shouting crowd, another the grieving sister, then the befuddled disciple or perhaps just an onlooker. Belle’s art centers me in my particular incarnation of God’s breath and helps be exhale through my wounds and the wounds of the world that find their way into my heart.

Belle Fox-Martin: ‘Come – Thanksgiving’

I’m grateful to the lovely poet Belle Fox-Martin for sending me this Thanksgiving poem and prayer.

Belle is a United Church of Christ licensed minister, artist, and writer living in western Massachusetts. (Sojourners ran her poem “Against the Night” in March 2012.)

Come – Thanksgiving

Find your way
over the quiet earth,
under the charged skies.
Look across the emptied fields
and up at the geese
in their ordered disarray.
See the few apples
still holding to the stem.

Come to the table.
Find your way.
Don’t deny hunger leaning
hard against your door.
Remember those things
easy to forget.
Uplift the lost
and blessings made manifest.

Find your way.
Come to the table.
Let thanks and giving
brush sweet against your cheek,
then watch the deer step
into the deeper wood;
as you raise your glass
and mouth prayers
into the chill.

–Belle Fox-Martin