All Are Called to Climate Action

In a spirit of prayer, protest, and repentance, @melodyczhang led SojoAction and @YECAction in a die-in liturgy on #ClimateChange this weekend. #AllAreCalled to #ActonClimate! Thanks to YECA and SojoAction for this beautiful public liturgy and prayer.–Rose

For the millions of animals dead, the 25 people killed, and millions of acres of land burned from the Australian bushfires, we grieve. Lord have mercy.

For the 97 people and 6 firefighters killed last year fighting the deadliest wildfires ever recorded in California, we grieve. Lord have mercy.

For the 65 million displaced people who have fled their homelands and become climate migrants because of violence, humans rights abuse, and environmental disasters intensified by climate crisis, we pray. Lord have mercy.

For our brothers and sisters in Uganda and Kenya and other parts of sub-Saharan Africa whose livelihoods are in danger due to extended drought and flooding on their farms from climate change, we repent. Lord have mercy.

For the people and habitats affected by typhoons in the Philippines, which have intensified by 50% in the last 40 years, we pray for your protection and your mercy.

For neighborhoods near much higher rates of pollution & refineries that suffer alarming rates of cancer and asthma due to infrastructural racism, we grieve and repent for our indifference towards their health and well-being. Lord have mercy.

For island countries like Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Tuvalu, and other small island developing states who are at risk of going completely underwater in the next 50 years due to sea level rise, we grieve and repent for our shortsightedness. Lord have mercy.

For those who suffered from the bomb cyclone in the midwest and extensive flooding in Nebraska last year, we pray. Lord have mercy.

For our brothers and sisters who live in Syria and Yemen, where unprecedented crippling drought periods are destabilizing their sense of security and peace, we pray. Lord have mercy.

For communities in India who are slipping into food insecurity and malnutrition because of unstable planting and harvesting seasons from flash floods, we pray. Lord have mercy.

For the black and brown communities who were most adversely affected and are still recovering from the devastating Hurricane Katrina and similar intensified hurricanes all across the US, we pray. Lord have mercy.

For the countless species of marine life which are under threat due to the warming bubbles popping up in our oceans at present day, we pray. Lord have mercy. Amen.

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