2 a.m. November 9 – Which Side Are You On?

I’m With Them

I’m with the hungry, those who are hungry for change and those who hunger for righteousness.

I’m with the thirsty and the thirsty earth gasping for rain.

I’m with the stranger, the immigrant, the refugee, all those who scale walls to freedom.

I’m with the naked, those stripped of human dignity, those without decent work, without the cloth of human compassion.

I’m with the sick, the vulnerable, the addicted, and all those dependent on the kindness of strangers.

I’m with the prisoners, the detained, the deported, the detested, and the deplorables.

I’m with them. I’m with us.

—Rose Marie Berger, in Washington, D.C., 2 a.m. awaiting announcement of the next U.S. president

2 responses to “2 a.m. November 9 – Which Side Are You On?”

  1. Hi Charles,
    I understand. Despondent–defined as losing heart or losing the heart of one’s soul (animam despondere). Jeremiah was adamant that this too was a political act within the body because it defines more clearly the foundation of one’s hope.
    With love and care, Rose

  2. I’ve been despondent about the election, and this little credo have me a little hope. Bless you.

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